We understand that Joe Paterno’s wife, Sue Paterno, and his family believe that the former Penn State coach’s legacy was wrongly tarnished by the NCAA and the media. Obviously, they believe Paterno was a good and decent man and was another victim of the convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky.

In support of their beliefs, the Paterno family has released its own investigative report which claims that Joe Paterno was the victim of a "rush to injustice." All you really need to know about the Paterno Family report is there is nothing that Former FBI Director Louis Freeh could have done that would have been good enough for the Paternos.

When you continue to open the Sandusky can of worms, the same disturbing facts reappear. Joe Paterno knew of allegations of child abuse connected to Jerry Sandusky from a 1998 incident. He was also told by Mike McQueary of another incident in 2001. In your life, how many people do you know that have been accused of pedophilia twice in two years? No way. The very premise that the all powerful Coach Paterno could do nothing or was a victim here was and is incredible.

As for a "rush" to "injustice", common sense dictates the opposite conclusion. Fifteen years ago, there was proof that Sandusky was abusing young boys. In 2013, Penn State officials still await trials on their alleged roles in covering up Sandusky’s crimes. I am missing the "rush" here?

Likewise Jerry Sandusky was allowed to abuse boys for over a decade while Paterno and Penn State officials did nothing. Looks like the "injustice" was allowed to flourish for a sickening about time.