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Tony Stewart and his Wrongful Death Pit Stop

Check out my article for CLM’s Claims Management Magazine on a potential lawsuit against Tony Stewart for a wrongful death claim here:

Justice Demands More for the Sayreville Football Scandal

There is nothing good about what is going on in Sayreville.  We have allegations of systematic sexual abuse on students by their teammates.  We have victims of awful alleged offenses. ...

Why the Sayreville Board Had No Choice But to Sack Football

From recent media reports, we know that certain parents, players and fans are very angry and outraged that the Sayreville (NJ) Board of Education decided to cancel its football program ...

Fusco on ABC Action News in Tampa on NFL Fraud Case

Check out my interview on ABC News Tampa about NFL Player Brad Culpepper on allegations that he was involved in fraud with his worker’s compensation case that was filed in ...

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The Mets-Madoff Settlement: Give the Judge an Assist

Posted in MLB
With much media coverage, the Mets’ ownership settled their case with bankruptcy trustee, Irving Picard, who represents the victims of the Bernie Madoff scam. At first blush, the settlement appears somewhat favorable for the Mets owners as they were given 3 years to pay a reduced amount. The detail that did not get much media… Continue Reading

Former New York Mets Equipment Manager, Charlie Samuels Pleads Guilty

Posted in MLB
In May of 2011, NY Mets longtime equipment manager Charlie Samuels was indicted on criminal possession of Mets equipment and memorabilia, which the Queens County District Attorney alleged Samuels stole from the Mets clubhouse during his 27 years with the team.  Samuels stole an estimated $2.3 million worth of equipment, and faced significant jail time.… Continue Reading

The Mets’ Madoff Scandal: The Trustee Goes on Offense

Posted in MLB
At first bankruptcy trustee, Irving Picard, was seeking to recover about $1 billion from the New York Mets’ ownership for alleged fictitious profits and claims of fraud. However, a bankruptcy judge dismissed many of Picard’s claims against the Mets’ owners, leaving about $385 million for Picard to extract. While the Mets principal owners Fred Wilpon… Continue Reading

Dykstra In Trouble Again

Posted in MLB
Lenny Dykstra pled no contest to charges of motor vehicle theft and providing a false financial statement yesterday in Los Angeles. In exchange, a host of charges were dismissed, and Dykstra faces up to 4 years in prison when he is sentenced in January. Dykstra and friends allegedly leased high-end vehicles from several dealerships by… Continue Reading

New York Mets Madoff Update

Posted in MLB
Mets Owner Fred Wilpon and his companies obtained a partial victory last week, after Judge Jed Rakoff dismissed a portion of Madoff Bankruptcy Trustee Irving Picard’s "claw back" lawsuit against Wilpon/Katz/Sterling (collectively, "Sterling"). While the decision does significantly reduce Sterling’s exposure, Judge Rakoff left some questions unanswered, and the Court’s ruling is not as overly… Continue Reading

Dodger Bankruptcy Update: No Dragging the MLB through the Mud

Posted in MLB
A Delaware bankruptcy judge has cut Dodger owner, Frank McCourt, off at the discovery pass. McCourt has sought to challenge the way the MLB has acted during the takeover of his team and the subsequent bankruptcy proceeding. McCourt claims that he has been treated unfairly and different that other troubled owners (i.e. the Mets’, Fred… Continue Reading

Former Met Clubhouse Manager Charlie Samuels Indicted

Posted in MLB
If it’s not one thing, it’s another with my beloved baseball team these past few seasons. Ever since Adam Wainwright’s curveball set Beltran down looking in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS and crushed the Mets hopes of making the World Series, the organization has been all over the media, and most of it not… Continue Reading

Dykstra Nailed By Grand Jury

Posted in MLB
A federal grand jury in Los Angeles indicated Lenny Dykstra for bankruptcy fraud.  When Dykstra filed for bankruptcy in 2009, he allegedly sold and hid sports memorabilia and fixtures from his estate, valued at $400,000. These items are supposed to be used to repay creditors. Although Dykstra’s attorney claims that no fraud was committed and that this… Continue Reading

Lenny Dykstra Nailed for Exposing Himself to a Housekeeper

Posted in MLB
Former Philadelphia Philly, Lenny Dykstra, who has become a regular on this blog lately, is now being investigated for exposing himself to a potential housekeeper. Dykstra placed an ad for a housekeeper on craiglist, and during the interview, allegedly took his clothes off and asked for a massage.  Back in January, another housekeeper alleged that Dykstra forced her… Continue Reading

Lenny Dykstra Arrested

Posted in MLB
Lenny Dykstra, the man they used to call "Nails," was arrested on Thursday for allegedly attempting to purchase a motor vehicle through fraudulent means. Details on that transaction are not currently available. However, while in jail, Dykstra was charged by federal authorities with bankruptcy fraud. Dykstra, who has a host of legal and financial problems,… Continue Reading

Former New York Met Dwight Gooden Sentenced

Posted in MLB
Dwight Gooden, who at one time was one of the most promising young pitchers in baseball history, was sentenced to 5 years probation in Bergen County NJ Superior Court on a child endangerment charge. Gooden, who before the incident seemed to have put his past troubles behind him and even opened a baseball academy, was… Continue Reading

If the Mets’ Owners Don’t Settle, Is the Sale Dead?

Posted in MLB
It appears, at least for now, that Fred and Jeff Wilpon, the owners of the New York Mets, have reach an impasse with their settlement negotiations with the Madoff bankruptcy trustee. You have to wonder though, does no settlement mean no sale (or partial sale) of the Mets? The situation with the Mets and the… Continue Reading

The Mets Ownership Deserves Their Defamation to Stop

Posted in MLB
Apparently in America, you are innocent until proven guilty unless you own the New York Mets. This week on NY area sports radio stations, some ratings-hungry hosts have participated in rank speculation that the Fred and Jeff Wilpon either are too sophisticated to not have known that Bernie Madoff was a crook or that Wilpon’s… Continue Reading

Madoff Trustee Sues Fred Wilpon, Mets Owner

Posted in MLB
Irving Picard, the Trustee appointed by the court to recover and distribute Bernard Madoff’s assets, has filed suit in Bankruptcy Court against Fred Wilpon, owner of the New York Mets, and Sterling Equities, his real estate investment company ("Wilpon"). Mr. Picard claims that Wilpon withdrew more money than it deposited with Madoff, therefore actually making… Continue Reading

Was Justice Done in the K-Rod Case?

Posted in MLB
Well, yes. Although many news outlets and legal commentators are repeating that Mets’ closer, Francisco Rodriguez, was “facing two years in jail”, the truth is he really never was. Very very few criminal defendants ever go to prison who commit misdemeanors in NYC. As a former prosecutor, I can tell you that only the rare… Continue Reading

K-Rod’s Criminal Case Could Be Closing

Posted in MLB
NY Mets’ closer, Francisco Rodriguez, appeared in a Queens County courthouse today to continue to defend misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault of his girl-friend’s father and criminal contempt for contacting his estranged girl-friend in violation of a court order of protection. As we have previously posted, the vast majority of misdemeanor criminal cases are disposed… Continue Reading

The Mets’ Charlie Samuels Situation Requires a Major Investigation by Law Enforcement: Was Jeff Francoeur Involved?

Posted in MLB
Suffice to the say; it would be impossible to give the New York Mets another black eye because considering the fiasco of the last few years, poor Mr. Met’s eyes are pretty sore. But the suspension and criminal investigation of the Mets’ longtime (27 years) clubhouse manager is extremely disturbing. The allegations surrounding Samuels involve… Continue Reading